My life with science

I am interested in nanoword and also biology. Just now I am finishing my Ph.D study at Charles University in Prague major Biophysics and Chemical Physics and looking for new opportunities. My CV is available here.

Name of my dissertation thesis is Bio-applications of new nanostructured materials and here you can download the abstract. This work is multidisciplinary. I produce nanocrystalline silicon quantum dots at Institute of Physics of the ASCR in Department of Thin Films under the supervision of Prof. RNDr. Ivan Pelant, DrSc.. In this thesis another two nanomaterials are studied: nanodiamonds and CdSe quantum dots. The physical and optical properties of nanomaterials are studied at Charles University in Prague in Department of Chemical Physics and Optics under the supervision of Doc. RNDr. Jan Valenta, Ph.D. The behaviour of nanomaterials in live cells (e.q. L929, SAOS-2,HeLa) is studied in our departement (I substantionally participate in buliding up new cell laboratory) and confocal microscopy was performed at Institute of Inherited Metabolic Disorders in the group of RNDr. Marie Kalbáčová, Ph.D. First measurements of cell interaction have been also measuered in today non existing Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology at Academic and University Center of Nové Hrady under the supervision of Ing. Vítězslav Březina, CSc. I used many other methods in different institutions around Europe (e.q. AFM, SEM, DLS).



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